OxyContin 40 mg (ER)(100 tablets)


For the treatment of moderate to severe pain in patients with cancer and post-operative pain. For the treatment of severe pain requiring the use of a strong opioid.


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Buy OxyContin capsules should be taken at 12-hourly intervals. The dosage is dependent on the severity of the pain, and the patient’s preceding records of analgesic necessities.

prior to beginning remedy with opioids, a dialogue need to be held with sufferers to put in area a approach for finishing remedy with oxycodone that allows you to minimise the hazard of dependancy and drug withdrawal syndrome (see phase 4.four).

OxyContin is not meant for use as a prn analgesic.

normally, the lowest powerful dose for analgesia need to be selected. growing severity of ache will require an improved dosage of OxyContin drugs, the use of the distinct pill strengths, either alone or in combination, to acquire ache alleviation. the precise dosage for any character patient is that which controls the ache and is properly tolerated for a full 12 hours. sufferers need to be titrated to pain alleviation except unmanageable detrimental drug reactions save you this. If better doses are important, increases need to be made in 25% – 50% increments. The need for get away medicine greater than two times a day suggests that the dosage of OxyContintablets should be accelerated. Buy OxyContin capsules

the same old starting dose for opioid naïve sufferers or patients providing with extreme ache uncontrolled via weaker opioids is 10 mg, 12-hourly. some patients may additionally advantage from a beginning dose of five mg to minimise the incidence of facet consequences. The dose must then be carefully titrated, as frequently as once a day if necessary, to reap ache remedy.

Conversion from oral morphine:

patients receiving oral morphine before OxyContin remedy must have their day by day dose primarily based on the following ratio: 10 mg of oral oxycodone is equal to 20 mg of oral morphine. It must be emphasised that that is a manual to the dose of OxyContin pills required. Inter-patient variability calls for that every patient is carefully titrated to the appropriate dose. Buy OxyContin capsules

shifting patients among oral and parenteral oxycodone:

The dose have to be primarily based on the following ratio: 2 mg of oral oxycodone is equal to one mg of parenteral oxycodone. It should be emphasized that this is a manual to the dose required. Inter-affected person variability calls for that each patient is carefully titrated to the precise dose.

elderly patients:

A dose adjustment isn’t always normally important in aged sufferers.

controlled pharmacokinetic studies in aged patients (aged over sixty five years) have proven that, in comparison with more youthful adults, the clearance of oxycodone is simplest barely decreased. No untoward adverse drug reactions have been seen primarily based on age, consequently adult doses and dosage periods are suitable.

Paediatric populace

OxyContin ought to now not be used in patients beneath 18 years of age.

patients with renal or hepatic impairment:

The plasma awareness on this populace can be expanded. The dose initiation must observe a conservative method in these sufferers. The endorsed adult starting dose need to be decreased by 50% (as an example a complete each day dose of 10 mg orally in opioid naïve sufferers), and every affected person need to be titrated to good enough ache manage consistent with their medical state of affairs.

Use in non-malignant ache:

Opioids are not first-line therapy for persistent non-malignant pain, nor are they recommended because the most effective remedy. types of persistent pain that have been shown to be alleviated by using sturdy opioids encompass continual osteoarthritic ache and intervertebral disc disease. The want for continued treatment in non-malignant ache have to be assessed at everyday durations.

method of management

OxyContin tablets are for oral use.

OxyContin pills should be swallowed whole and now not damaged, chewed or crushed.

duration of remedy

Oxycodone need to not be used for longer than important.

Discontinuation of treatment

while a patient no longer requires therapy with oxycodone, it may be really useful to taper the dose progressively to save you signs and symptoms of withdrawal.

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