Muse® (Alprostadil), 250mcg, Suppositories, 6/Box


Brand Name Muse®
Medical License Required Yes


Generic Name Alprostadil
Packaging Size 6 Suppository
Strength 250 mcg
Unit of Measure Box


Muse (alprostadil) is a medication that’s injected into your penis to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). Although it works quickly, Muse (alprostadil) isn’t the first choice for treating ED and it can cause pain and burning in the penis.

How Muse (alprostadil) works

Muse (alprostadil) is a prostaglandin. It widens your blood vessels and relaxes the muscles around your penis. This allows more blood to flow to your penis to encourage an erection.

What is Muse (alprostadil) used for?

  • Erectile dysfunction

Typical dosing for Muse (alprostadil)

The typical starting dose is 125 mcg or 250 mcg injected into the urethra of the penis as needed to achieve an erection. Your provider might adjust your dose until you achieve an erection that’s appropriate for sexual intercourse. Don’t use more than 2 doses in 24 hours.

Right before using Muse (alprostadil), urinate and gently shake the penis to get off any leftover urine. Open the pouch and set it aside. You’ll use the pouch to throw away the medication once you’re finished. Take the applicator out of the pouch without touching the stem or the tip. Look at the applicator and make sure there is a medicated pellet at the end of the stem. While you’re sitting or standing, gently stretch the penis outwards to its full length. Slowly insert the stem of Muse (alprostadil) into the urethra (tube that drains urine from your body) and gently push down on the applicator until it stops. Hold the applicator in this position for 5 seconds to make sure the pellet is released. Rock the applicator from side to side to separate the medicated pellets from the applicator tip. Remove the applicator while keeping the penis upright. Take a look at the applicator and make sure the pellets are no longer inside. If there’s any medication left in the applicator, repeat the above steps so that all the medication is administered. Roll the penis between your hands for at least 10 seconds while the penis is upright and stretched to its full length. This allows the medication to distribute along the urethra. If you feel discomfort at any point, you can take the applicator out and then gently re-insert it. Once you’re finished, put the cover back on the applicator, put the applicator in the foil pouch it came in, fold it, and throw it away as normal household trash.