Vivitonin (Propentofylline)


Vivitonin (Propentofylline) is an oral medication given to elderly dogs to prevent hearing, sight, mental, or physical problems. The medication increases oxygenation, neurological, and cardiovascular function to reduce the severity of aging symptoms such as fatigue, senility, trouble walking, weight loss, or hair loss.

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Buy Vivitonin (Propentofylline)

Buy Vivitonin (Propentofylline) is an oral remedy given to aged dogs to save you listening to, sight, mental, or physical problems. the medicine increases oxygenation, neurological, and cardiovascular feature to reduce the severity of growing older symptoms which includes fatigue, senility, trouble strolling, weight loss, or hair loss. it may also growth the urge for food and power levels of the canine being treated while restoring the fitness of its coat. using this medication has additionally been proven to reduce the speed of cataract formation in a few puppies.

Dosage and management
the correct dosage of Vivitonin (Propentofylline) will be decided with the aid of your veterinarian primarily based to your dog`s weight, existing situations, and reaction to other treatments. The capsules can be swallowed complete or mixed with a small amount of food or hidden in a snack to make management easier. it’s miles recommended to give the drugs on an empty stomach to improve absorption.

traditional dosages are as follows, even though they may fluctuate substantially relying at the dog being dealt with:

zero – 5kg might also take half of a tablet an afternoon (break up into a 1/4 in the morning, and a 1/4 inside the nighttime)
five – eight kg may additionally take 1 pill a day (a split into 1/2 within the morning, and 1/2 inside the evening)
9 – 15 kg may also take 2 capsules a day (1 inside the morning, and 1 within the nighttime)
sixteen – 25 kg may additionally take three pills an afternoon (break up into 1.five in the morning, and 1.five inside the nighttime)
26 – 22 kg may take 4 pills a day (2 inside the morning, and a pair of inside the evening)
34 – 50 kg can also take 6 drugs a day (3 within the morning, and 3 in the night)
aspect results
Vivitonin (Propentofylline) is generally a completely properly tolerated and will now not reason side results in maximum puppies. in case you take a look at any unusual or annoying signs affecting your canine contact your veterinarian at once. Be specifically careful approximately any symptoms of an hypersensitive reaction along with skin reactions, swelling, lethargy, or problem respiratory.

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