Ravicti (API Glycerol Phenylbutyrate)


The drug is used to treat patients with urea cycle disorders (UCDs). Aside from precisely defined dosage and intake dynamics, patients who suffer UCDs need to adhere to a rigorous dietary regiment.


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Glycerol phenylbutyrate is a nitrogen-binding agent for the continual control of adult and pediatric patients ≥2 years of age with urea cycle disorders (UCDs) who cannot be managed through dietary protein restrict and/or amino acid supplementation by myself.


Glycerol phenylbutyrate prolongs the QTc c programming language.

Mechanism of action

The toxic accumulation of ammonia within the blood and mind get up from urea cycle disorders wherein patients are poor in crucial enzymes or transporters which can be concerned inside the synthesis of urea from ammonia. Glycerol phenylbutyrate is a prodrug – the principal metabolite, phenylacetate (PAA) is the molecule that binds to nitrogen. PAA conjugates with glutamine (which contains 2 molecules of nitrogen) through acetylation in the liver and kidneys to shape phenylacetylglutamine (PAGN), that is excreted by the kidneys. PAGN, like urea, contains 2 moles of nitrogen and offers an trade vehicle for waste nitrogen excretion.


Glycerol phenylbutyrate is a prodrug wherein phenylbutyrate (PBA) is launched from the glycerol backbone by way of lipases within the gastrointestinal tract. PBA then undergoes beta-oxidtion to shape PAA. whilst a unmarried oral dose of two.9 mL/m2 of Glycerol phenylbutyrate is given to fasting grownup subjects, the pharmacokinetic parameters are as follows: Tmax: PBA = 2 hours; PAA = 4 hours; PAGN = four hours. Cmax: PBA = 37.zero µg/mL; PAA = 14.nine µg/mL; PAGN = 30.2 µg/mL. In healthful subjects, the hydrolysis of glycerol phenylbutyrate is incomplete, but to what quantity is unknown. when glycerol phenylbutyrate is given to grownup UCD patients, maximum plasma concentrations at steady state (Cmaxss) of PBA, PAA, and PAGN took place at 8 h, 12 h, and 10 h, respectively, after the first dose within the day. Intact glycerol phenylbutyrate turned into now not detectable in plasma in UCD sufferers.

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