A Few Client Reviews

You make me feel more like a friend than a customer. Hey , I just wanted to say thank you for the work you are doing. Thank you for going the extra mile, not only by building an awesome brand/community but by personally dedicating yourselves to it and spreading the love. It is amazing, you make me feel more like a friend than a customer. I can tell that you believe in what you’re doing and are not just doing it for the money, which is awesome. Looking forward to get my next package, All we need is love Wish you all the best and kind regards.
The Netherlands
The customer follow-up service is great. It doesn’t feel like there hounding you and I actually feel like they want to help. These are little packages of wounded and have sparked my interest to research more into the effects of Lions Mane and other fungi like Reishi and Cordyceps. There is a lot to be said with these and even my wife noticed a difference in me. I use these to be a better person and to appreciate life that’s the deep answer I can give you. On the other hand I can chop up and mix jungle drum and bass all night and not get bored. These are great for creativity and for positivity.
I would definitely get another package The product is great, unfortunately, 2 of the Reishi got mold and some drugs were not included in my package but your customer support team handle very good the issue, I would definitely get another package
Totally recommend ! It works. For personal reasons i didn’t followed program, i did 1 day Cordyceps and 4 or 5 days off, but my mood improved drastically, productivity as well and it helped me to deal with such mental hit as best friends death… TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT!
I feel more relax, my concentration is better Very glad with first results and ready for advanced protocol. I feel me more relax, my concentration is best.Your ADHD drugs are the best.